If you need a specialized product that is not readily available on the market, ISC’s engineers can help by designing any custom video or sound product. The ISC team will work with your staff to determine the best way to design, develop and manufacture your idea.

297x172_CD.jpgFor example, ISC developed from the ground up a five-channel audio distribution system for the press box at Dover International Speedway. The device gives each individual member of the press the ability to plug in headsets and listen to any of the five audio sources. There is an independent volume control, and users have the ability to record any one of these channels to a miniature digital recorder or any professional recording device. The system distributes the audio in a loop so there is no single point of failure. There are now more than 200 modules in use for NASCAR events at the speedway.

  • Custom-designed, specializes products
  • ISC will design and develop your idea and then help you manufacture it
  • Product designed from the ground up