ISC’s Advanced Digital Video Server (ADVS) is the first digital recording system specifically designed to meet the multiple challenges of daily TV production at racetracks. ADVS creates a more efficient race adjudication system for track judges and stewards and will enhance racetracks’ broadcast production capabilities.

297x172_ADVS.jpgThe innovative ADVS was designed to replace the antiquated recording systems used at racetracks throughout the United States and Canada. By using digital TV technology, ADVS produces a higher quality slow motion video that can be played instantaneously. ADVS can also provide instant recall of any race and stores more than seven hours of video. Finally, a single master control in the TV production room can coordinate multiple ADVS units.

ADVS is designed so judges and stewards can review the incident in question at the same point in the race from multiple angles, each displayed on its own monitor. With ADVS, officials can immediately review a disputed portion of a race by marking a “cue point.” Once the race is completed, judges and stewards can instantly review the recorded material from every angle at that cue point with unmatched speed and accuracy. The improvement in video quality and, more importantly, the quick delivery from end-of-race to review allows officials to start the inquiry process immediately and reach a final decision more efficiently.

ADVS is simple to operate and training is minimal. With a short training period, judges and stewards can quickly learn to operate the ADVS system independent of TV production staff by using a control box connected to the server, allowing greater speed and freedom. TV production staff can then freely concentrate on other duties, maximizing staffing and cost efficiencies. Alternatively, TV production staff can easily coordinate all of the replays from a single master control.

  • Specifically designed for racetrack TV production
  • More efficient race adjudication
  • Fully integrated into existing TV production systems
  • Enhances overall TV production
  • Instant access to replays
  • Higher quality slow motion replays
  • Coordinate replays from a single master control
  • Set multiple “cue points” during a race
  • More than seven hours of storage
  • Minimal training needed
  • Available in standard and high definition